Montenegro is a unique and beautiful country with comfortable living conditions. However, until recently, the infrastructure of telecommunications services outside the cities was not very well developed. After the release of WiMAX network by WiMAX Montenegro DOO everything has changed. It is not necessary to make a choice between beauty and comfort of living outside the city, on the coast or in the mountains and the availability of modern communications. Company WiMAX Montenegro has developed the most advanced wireless

Internet access network in Montenegro, covering the suburbs of Podgorica, old capital-city of Cetinje, and some coastal cities.  The second phase will enable continuous coverage along the coast, providing full access in big cities with suburbs in Podgorica and Niksic.

By connecting to the Mobile WiMAX network, you are getting not only great speed and reliability, but also the mobility of fourth-generation network. Your modem will work in any city where  network is developed, and number of such cities is increasing.

The mission of our company is: to provide the best Internet at the best price anywhere in Montenegro, to anyone who wants.

Company WiMAX Montenegro d.o.o. is a licensed provider of wireless Internet access on the territory of Montenegro. By decision No. 0505-1562/2 Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services, was given approval to Company WiMAX Montenegro DOO for using of radio-frequency channel width of 50 MHz in the range 3550-3600 MHz, on which network of standard 802.16.e was developed.