Your success together with WiMAX Montenegro

Company WiMAX Montenegro is developing the most advanced wireless network in Montenegro. Doing this, we rely on the wider community of our partners. You can join us and fulfill your tasks –present modern services to your clients or make additional earnings by attracting clients for us. Don’t be worried, all company services will be of high quality and maximum available!

We invite for cooperation following organizations:

Installers and service organizations

If you have worked with companies in field of communications and television in Montenegro, have good subscriber’s base in your place of residence, we are suggesting you to work on attracting and connecting new subscribers to the WiMAX 4G network. All our agents will be given printed promotional materials, advertising support in the country, as well as in region, telephone support from the installation moment. Your contacts will be published on the internet-website, printed and advertising flyers and you will have stable customers flow.

Stores selling computers, mobile phones

In towns where our network is already working, we are ready to cooperate with stores selling electronics, computers and mobile phones. Together with our advertising support, you get stable flow of new buyers and at the same time increase loyalty of existing ones.

Construction companies

We can organize internet connection of high quality in the suburbs and in the coast on objects of all kinds, from small private houses, multistory buildings and business centers.

Hotels and restaurants on the coast

Companies in tourism sector will be particularly interested in our proposal regarding development of Wi-Fi network for tourists. You can quickly expand free Wi-Fi network for your clients by using our equipment, or become a partner in providing payment services to tourists and other visitors of your institution.