Tariffs changing from the 1 January of 2015

Dear WiMAX Montenegro users,

We are constantly expanding our network to meet the growing needs of our users. A large part of the work we do, as it is constant expanding of capacity, increasing of the coverage area, improving of the reliability of our network,  is usually hidden from your eyes. At the same time, we are glad that today we can share the results of our achievements and can give you a New Year’s gift. From the01 January 2015 we will increase the speeds of tariffs from 3 Mbps and higher for postpaid users! The speed changing will be done automatically.

Great news is that you can get new speed immediately. To achieve this it is necessary to pay your bill for November on time, without waiting  the disconnection date  for users who pay  irregularly, that is to say until the 25 December. Please inform then infocenter about your payment and the new speed can be used immediately! Come into New year by using new WiMAX  Montenegro internet.